We Do Sidewalks

Concrete Sidewalk Contractor in Lubbock, TX

Hey there, Lubbock! If you’ve got a cracked sidewalk that needs some love or you’re dreaming of adding a dash of flair to the path leading to your front door, you’re in the right place. We’re FDZ Concrete, and we’re all about turning those boring old sidewalks into welcoming masterpieces!

    Our Sidewalk Services:

    • Brand-New Sidewalks: Want to roll out the welcome mat with a fresh, fancy sidewalk? We’ve got the skills to make your home’s entrance a showstopper.
    • Sidewalk Surgery: If your existing sidewalk looks like it’s been in a boxing match with a tree root, fear not! We can patch it up and have it looking better than new.
    • Fancy Footwork: Forget about plain and straight. Our decorative concrete options are like the bling for your sidewalk. Think stamped or stenciled patterns, engravings that tell a story, exposed-aggregate finishes, colorful concrete, and even some concrete staining magic!
    • Concrete Makeovers: If your plain gray sidewalk is crying out for a makeover, we’ve got the solution. Our concrete overlays can jazz up that dull concrete without ripping it out.
    • Lights, Camera, Sidewalk!: Safety is our jam, so we offer built-in lighting options that’ll make your entrance pop, and yes, they’re brighter than your grandma’s dining room chandelier!

    Why Choose FDZ?

    We’re not your average concrete crew. We’re the fun-loving folks who believe sidewalks can be as cool as ice cream on a summer day. We’re all about turning your ordinary entrance into an extraordinary one. And guess what? We won’t leave you in the dark, except when we’re installing those snazzy lights!

    Fortunately, at FDZ Concrete, we’re serious about making your home’s curb appeal skyrocket. Our attention to detail is so sharp it could slice through a loaf of bread (not that we recommend trying it). We know that a welcoming walkway is like a warm hug for your home, and we’re here to dish out those hugs, one sidewalk at a time.

    Ready to ditch the drab and turn your sidewalks into something spectacular? Give us a shout at 806-810-8061, or fill out the form on the right. Your home deserves a sidewalk that’s not just a path but a statement. We can’t wait to bring some personality to your pavement!