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Concrete Garage Floor Contractor in Lubbock, TX

We’re your go-to garage floor contractors for crafting awesome flooring right here in Lubbock, Texas. We’re here to turn your dull garage into a cool hangout space you’ll love!

We’re Lubbock’s premier concrete contractor, known for transforming ‘meh’ backyards into ‘wow’ outdoor living spaces with our seriously stylish concrete patios.

    Why Should You Roll with Us for Garage Floors?

    Built to Last: Our garage floors are like the Texas Longhorns – tough as nails! They can handle the crazy Texas weather without flinching, so no worries about cracks or chips.

    The A-Team: Our crew of concrete connoisseurs knows the garage floor game inside out. We use top-notch materials and make sure your floor is smoother than a Texan drawl.

    You Do You: Your garage, your rules! We offer tons of options – from finishes to colors and even fancy designs. We want your garage to be as unique as you are!

    Zero Stress Cleaning: Our floors are stain-resistant and a breeze to clean. Spills and messes are no match for your snazzy new floor.

    Wallet-Friendly: We believe in quality without busting your budget. Our prices are so fair, even the Lone Star State approves.

    How We Make Magic Happen

    1. Let’s Chat: First things first, we sit down for a friendly chat. You tell us your garage dreams, we give you a price tag, and we’re off to the races!
    2. Prep Time: Before we work our magic, we prep your garage. Think of it as a spa day for your space – we clean it up and fix any issues.
    3. Mix and Pour: Our skilled team does the concrete dance, pouring and leveling like pros. If you want some fancy stuff, we’ll sprinkle in a dash of pizzazz.
    4. Shield of Protection: We add a secret sauce (not really, it’s a protective coating) to make your floor strong and shiny.
    5. The Final Dance: We don’t wrap up until we’ve inspected every nook and cranny. It’s like a concrete fiesta, but with fewer sombreros!

    Let’s Rock Your Garage!

    When it comes to garage floor contractors in Lubbock, FDZ Concrete is the bee’s knees. We’re all about making your garage a happening place.

    Reach out to us today for a chat, a free quote, or just to swap some Texas-sized stories. Your garage is in good hands, partner!