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When you’re deciding on a residential or commercial concrete contractor, some very important things you should look out for are quality workmanshipexperience doing the work and fantastic customer service. Our company has been around for years and every concrete project we take on is executed with all of these key pieces in mind.

No matter if you decide to have us install concrete in a high-traffic area like your driveway or simply a new sidewalk, you can be sure that our quality of work and materials will stand the test of time. We follow all applicable industry standards to ensure that your concrete project will withstand both the cold Winter months as well as the warmer temperatures in the Summer.

    Residential and Commercial Concrete

    When you choose us to put down your concrete, you’ll have full confidence that your driveway, pathways, pool area or outdoor space will also look stunning. As professionals in residential concreting for more than 20 years, we take pride in executing a high standard of work that brings our clients’ landscaping visions to life. You have full control over the look you want to achieve with your concrete, from stylish exposed aggregate to classic slate concrete. From here, our concrete is mixed evenly, applied with precision and carefully set and sealed until it is ready to use.

    As your concrete contractor, our priority is customer satisfaction. In fact, many of our residential concreting jobs come to us through word of mouth or referrals from our past clients to our current ones. Throughout the concreting process, you can trust us to communicate with you at every step of the way and come to a solution that is cost effective and is completed in a non-disruptive, timely manner. No matter the size or scope of the project, our company strives to provide the highest quality workmanship at competitive rates.


    Transform the entrance to your home with a stunning, long-lasting concrete driveway. At FDZ Concrete, we are experts in driveway installation, creating surfaces that not only look beautiful but also stand up to daily wear and tear. Upgrade your curb appeal and add value to your property.


    Unleash the potential of your outdoor living space with a custom-designed concrete patio. Whether you’re looking for a space for family BBQs or a serene outdoor retreat, we craft patios that are functional, stylish, and durable. Discover how a new patio can change your outdoor experience.


    In need of a solid foundation for a shed, garage, or home addition? FDZ Concrete specializes in concrete slab pouring with the precision and care your project deserves. Get a rock-solid, flat, and uniform slab that meets all engineering and safety standards.


    Sidewalks are everywhere and they all age very similarly to your driveways and patios since they get a lot of foot traffic all over them. Another big issue for sidewalks are tree roots, which can easily lift and crack a slab or two making a dangerous are to walk on. If your sidewalk is damaged and needs to be replaced, be sure to give us a call for your free quote today.

    Commercial Concrete

    Transform your business space with FDZ Concrete’s unparalleled commercial concrete services. Our seasoned expertise ensures that every commercial project, from bustling retail centers to sleek office foundations, is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re envisioning a resilient parking area or a state-of-the-art office base, we customize our services to align with your business objectives. With a commitment to quality, punctuality, and superior customer engagement, FDZ Concrete is Lubbock’s go-to for all commercial concrete endeavors. Let us pave the way for your business’s bright future.

    Decorative Concrete

    Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Our decorative concrete services add a touch of elegance to any space. Choose from a variety of colors, textures, and finishes to get a unique look that complements your property’s aesthetic.

    Exposed Aggregate

    Create a visually striking, textured surface with exposed aggregate concrete. Perfect for driveways, walkways, and patios, this style offers both beauty and traction. Uncover the endless possibilities of exposed aggregate today.

    Pool Decks

    Get your pool area summer-ready with our top-of-the-line concrete pool decks. Offering durability and slip-resistance, we can tailor the deck to match your pool shape and meet your functional and aesthetic needs. Dive into a new level of luxury and safety.

    Stamped Concrete

    Achieve the look of high-end materials like stone, brick, or wood, but with the cost-effectiveness and durability of concrete. Stamped concrete offers unlimited design possibilities and is ideal for patios, driveways, and more. Make a lasting impression with stamped concrete and never look back.


    A strong foundation is vital for any construction project. With our years of experience, FDZ Concrete provides reliable foundation services. From residential homes to commercial buildings, trust us to lay the groundwork for a sturdy structure.

    Concrete Repairs

    Is your concrete cracked, chipped, or uneven? We offer concrete repair services to restore integrity and looks to your structures. With our professional repair solutions, we extend the lifespan of your concrete installations.

    Garage Floors

    Not something most people think about, but garage floors are usually concrete, and like any other concrete surface, they tend to crack over time. Most of the time, those floors have been there since the builder built the home. We can get your garage flooring repaired or replaced to make it look awesome again.

    Concrete Resurfacing

    Breathe new life into your aging concrete surfaces. Our resurfacing services are an economical way to update the look and function of your driveways, patios, and floors without a complete overhaul. See how a fresh surface can make a world of difference. Just be aware that resurfaced concrete will not fix structural issues and will not look like newly poured concrete, since resurfacing is done using a resurfacing compound which applies to the top of concrete to make it level and smooth.

    Why Choose Us

    We work on a lot of larger commercial concrete projects and are no strangers to working within timely and budgetary constraints.


    Our staff are qualified to work on smaller scale residential projects as well as larger, more complex commercial ones. We are skilled, trained and qualified to handle concrete projects of any size.


    Pouring and finishing concrete takes a certain level of training, experience and often certifications. Our crew is certified to work with on most projects, so be sure to ask if you’re not sure and we’ll be happy to provide any paperwork.

    We understand that commercial concrete work can be quite the undertaking, however, with our timely supervision, any disruptions will be kept to an absolute minimum. The end result will be long-lasting, durable concrete that you can build on with confidence.

    Our pricing is highly competitive and we work with a large variety of customers in the commercial concrete space. We are positive that you won’t be disappointed. 

    Give us a call today or fill out the free estimate request form to schedule your free estimate. Alternatively, you can contact us and we’ll get back to you.

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